Why You Need A Disaster Recovery Plan?

Having a disaster recovery solution in place is key to ensure you are minimizing the disruption caused by various natural disasters either it being from component failure, data center failure, or some other incident or disaster such as an ransomware attack. With the proper solutions in place such as offsite backups your business will experience very little downtime in event of an attack.

What Are Some Of the Common Disruptions?

Although you can’t predict what might have caused the disaster until its too late, below are some common disruptions.

  • Ransomware or Other Cyberattacks
  • Environmental Catastrophes
  • Building Accessibility or Power Disruption
  • Employee Errors
  • Hardware Failures
  • Software Failures

Disaster Recovery Services

ITsPaul offers many types of disaster recovery plans either it being online, offline or redundancy to offer offsite connections. Below some of the services we offer but are not limited to:

  • Exchange Mail Server
  • Active Directory
  • File Server
  • Firewalls and Internet connection
  • Offsite encrypted backups

Our Disaster Recovery Template

With every Disaster Recovery Plan we implement, we implement 8 simple steps which captures relevant information to the organization’s which enables us to recover its IT from a disaster in a timely matter.

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